Everybody has a story

Everybody has a story. Big or small, adventurous or simple, dramatic or calm; everybody has a story, and everybody's story is important. Everybody's story is worth sharing.

I was always told that my life story would make for a good soap opera, but I wasn't about to settle for that. I knew I was made for something much more.  For a while it has been on my heart to use my online space to start something where people can share their testimonies in depth, honesty, vulnerability, and detail. 

Here, in this very space, people are boldly sharing their stories, knowing that God will use each one to reach people we never thought to be reachable. These are people with different backgrounds and from different walks of life; the one thing they have in common is the truth that Jesus finds us all in different and difficult circumstances. 

I'm honoured and SO excited to share one of their stories with you. You may think that none of these stories will relate to your life circumstances, but you'll be surprised. One thing I've learned is that God uses our stories to speak to the hearts of others who think they're the only ones in that situation. You're never the only one, and my job is to share with you stories that will remind you of this very fact.  

Engage with the stories that reach you - leave comments, ask questions, dig deeper, and seek out whatever it is about this story that intrigues you. Don't be shy and don't be embarrassed. The people behind the stories are real and we are beyond excited to connect with you.

Never underestimate the power of a story.